This blog has been a long time coming, so now that it's finally happening, let's do a rundown of what you can expect to see. The aim is to have 2 main themes: life advice and mini-projects.

Life Advice

This will mostly be based on some of my recent experiences, so you'll see stuff on:

  • Applying to top universities like Cambridge and MIT (where I did my undergrad + masters), particularly as an international student.
  • Working in Management Consulting. I currently work at Bain & Co. in London, considered one of the top 3 global consulting firms. I'm from an engineering background, so you'll probably see lots of comparisons.
  • Working in Silicon Valley. I worked as a Product Design engineer at Apple for a year between my undergrad and masters, working on the design and manufacturing of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

I love taking opportunities to help students or recent grads who are looking to get into things I have been involved in, so I hope some of you find this stuff useful.

Side Projects & Hobbies

The other half of this blog will be cool projects I have been involved in, for example:

  • Music covers and tutorials I make for my YouTube channel.
  • Python projects such as music visualisation using a digital piano.
  • Web design of various apps I have made worked on over the years.
  • iPhone apps I have made.
  • Robots I made during my time as an engineer.

As you've gathered, this is the geekier half of the blog, so watch this space if you're interested in that stuff!


And stay tuned for more posts.