Here you can find various projects I've worked on. The list is small at the moment but I hope to build it up over time!


  1. FireCut: Video editing plugin to help you cut down your editing time
  2. Echomail: Secure email forwarding / shortening service for Gmail addresses
  3. Windows app for taking beautiful screenshots for social media
  4. Bullets to Table: Browser-based tool to convert a bullet list into a table while maintaining the hierarchy of the list (e.g. 2nd-order bullets go into the 2nd column, etc.)
  5. Autotrader Scraper: Python library for scraping (car resale website)
  6. DrumMachine: Browser-based drum pad player (best with touchscreen or keyboard on a Windows machine)
  7. PhoneQR: Chrome extension for generating QR codes for phone numbers on the screen (so you can scan with your smartphone camera and call them easily)

Inactive / old / retired

(get in touch for more info)

  1. StockUp: Goal-based personal wealth planning tool, using probablistic modelling
  2. Corporate Squash Ladder: Online tool for maintaining a squash ladder within an office
  3. UniAppReview: Online platform to get support with UK university applications
  4. SkiBoy: SpriteKit-based iOS game with infinite scrolling and procedural level generation
  5. PakBoxOffice: Movie showtimes aggregator for Lahore, Pakistan using web scraping of cinema websites
  6. BloodBank: Facebook Messenger-based platform for sourcing blood donors (to prevent you needing to post requests on social media)
  7. DeenTrek: StumbleUpon alternative focusing on a curated set of pages