Here's a scenario you may be familiar with.

You leave a social structure where you made some friends. Maybe you've just graduated, or changed schools, or moved across the country, or even across town. Suddenly you have to make an effort to keep in touch with your friends. You try to stay in touch and you have the best of intentions, but without a natural force bringing you together interactions are just more limited than before.

In this pandemic I decided to try something out which I recommend: I put in fortnightly Zoom calls with groups of friends.

Classic consultant solution for some structured fun, right? Well it works!

The idea is that we all have something in the diary that's an opportunity to stay in touch. It's no obligation, so you don't have to join if you're not feeling up to it on a particular weekend, but the good part is that you no longer have to wait for an opportunity to stay in contact. You get a reminder about a call, and you can join if you feel like it.

This worked particularly well during the lockdown days when no-one could really meet in person, but I'm sure it will still be useful later on because a lot of my friends are abroad. If you're keen to get back in touch with friends you haven't spoken to in a while, I'd highly recommend trying it!